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Waste Stream Management (expand)

Waste Stream Management is about setting up a Waste Management Protocol which starts with  segregate at source, collection and transportation of each waste stream separately to end destination where either compost, recycle or managed disposal of each waste stream takes place.

In order to understand this, we studied every existing process and documented it. One of the most insightful information in the early days, came from the Vellore Srinivasan Model in CMC Vellore. Using adaptations of the various inputs, several pilots were facilitated and carried out with the support of solution and service providers. While some showed no scalability, many scalable models have now become a norm..


What is it?

Waste stream management which starts with segregation at source, is the end to end process of separating each waste stream and dealing with it separately from the point of generation to the point of disposal.


The major streams of organic, dry and sanitary waste are easily identifiable. However, as the availability of segregated waste improves, the eco system for handling different types of waste improves and the number of waste streams that can be identified and dealt with, keeps increasing.

The ability of the system to handle waste streams is an indicator of how well municipal solid waste is managed. The end goal of waste stream management is to achieve zero waste to landfill and to maximize resource recovery by establishing a circular economy of all waste streams

Why is it Important?

Visits were made to all the operating landfill sites and a status report with recommendations was prepared and presented to the Lok Adalat in 2010.


The report observes (link to the report)  that of the 2400 tonnes per day that was sent into the 5 landfill processing sites around the city, about 1800 tonnes or 75% of it was being dumped and about 600 tonnes or 25% was supposedly being processed creating about 45 tonnes of compost and recovering about 1.5 tonnes of recyclables per day.

How To Achieve It?

Having established without doubt that waste stream management is integral to good waste management, the next step was to identify enablers and drivers to achieve waste stream management.

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