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The New Age Green Revolution

We challenge the notion that composting is a difficult & dirty process and that organic waste has to be thrown out or disposed off every day. Composting is a cleaner option than leaving mixed waste in a bin. Imagine a million homes with a million green spots, it would be a Green Revolution of another kind. You can stand tall for your green spot home, your clean city and the health of your family. Presenting the Green Spot story - the waste story retold.

Swachagraha Anthem - English  |  Hindi  |  Kannada

Swachagraha home

Green Spot is all we need

The journey of the 3 Green spots is a guided discovery  to transforming  mundane daily activities into the power of influence of the green spot. The green spot is in your home, your garden, your dining table and it redefines what you throw, what you grow and what you eat.

3 green spot

Features of the Campaign


Compost Diaries - Showcasing different groups composting at home

compost diaries

Posters - you can download and use them

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