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Knowledge is the First Step for Personal Change

With focus on bringing change and sensitivity towards sustainable waste management practices, SWMRT offers knowledge and information in various formats be it a book on SWM, online/offline training sessions or a Physical Learning Center. 

We have speakers and coaches who have influenced thousands of people across India to address various issues of sustainability by weaving action into much-needed engagements at both individual and community levels.

A wide range of topics covered, from segregation at source, to composting. From recycling to sustainable menstruation. Every topic is explained with practical tips and motivating stories, that the learner's perspective of solid waste changes forever.




Our Knowledge Offerings

Kalika Kendra

SWM Learning Center


A Simple Guide for Children


Schooling for Sustainability

Training Workshops

Expert Sessions

Kalika Kendra - SWM Learning Center

Swachagraha Kalika Kendra is the first of its kind composting and SWM learning centre conceptualized and curated by SWMRT.
The centre is a collaborative project with SWMRT (as a knowledge partner), Foley designs (a design partner), local municipality BBMP (ULB, Bangalore) and HSR Citizen Forum (local citizen group).

Following the success of Swachagraha Kalika Kendra in Bengaluru, a similar SWM Learning Center 'Swacha Badi' was setup in Siddipet, Telegana in April 2021 in collboration with MCS (Municipal Corporation of Siddipet).

Objective :The SWM Learning Center has been set up 
1)To show case and demonstrate through live installations the various home and community composting methods that can be  adopted, to promote Home , Lane and Ward Composting in all the wards of the ULB. 
2)To promote good practices of waste minimization, segregation at source that can be adopted at the home and community level .


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Eco Literacy and Community Engagement Program

Eco Literacy and Community Engagement Programme (ELCEP) is an initiative of SWMRT, for institutions and corporates . It’s a program that engages with  participants  to create  mindfulness around waste as individuals and communities ,  a way of life necessary for significant social change.

Information and understanding is the starting point of building awareness around the various issues surrounding sustainability and solid waste management. Our formal learnings often does not sensitise us enough to the social behaviour and the lives and conditions  of the municipal and informal workers  who work in these areas , encourage to  explore issues of public policy and public health   , to be curious about circular economy and understand the real nature of sustainable behaviours.   Since this impacts our daily lives in multiple ways , we as SWM practitioners have seen and understood the value of creating exposure and pathways for learning which we refer to here as ‘ eco literacy’ , which we believe is the trigger for the much needed change . 


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Trashonomics - A Guide for Children

Though most of the work done around interventions and strategies of waste management was done with individuals and communities , it was often seen that children played an important role in bringing in acceptance for change in behaviours. However this complex yet essential subject of solid waste management and its relation with  environment, public health and sustainability is missing from textbooks.


In an effort to remedy this gap the Trashonomics, an SWM book as a simple guide for children was created and published by SWMRT as knowledge partner, based on its experience and learnings and supported by The Anonymous Indian Charitable Trust (TAICT)

Trashonomics  School Program recognises that children are the best changemakers
•    It is designed as a school program for middle and higher school
•    5 easy chapters are taught in 3-5 sessions
•    Holistic approach to solid waste management
•    Colourful illustrations, photos and simple language
•    Hands on activities 

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Training Workshops - Session by the Experts

We have seen evidence that training key stakeholders is important for adoption and implementation of solid waste management principles. While the general public needs just awareness and information, municipal staff and administration need more in-depth training. Training ensures that municipal officers are made conversant with the SWM Rules, regulatory requirements and the technical requirements.

Master training programs using a Training of Trainer (TOT) approach also enables creating a cadre of engaged citizens to bring about change in their ward through constructive engagement.

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