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Thank you for your support

SWMRT embodies the spirit of voluntary engagement and participation driven through passion and commitment of its members. Its members have been able to motivate and infuse the same values in communities and networks that they engage with good outcomes. 

We are looking for your support to help us create a a greater impact by contributing to our general fund or to our specific initiatives. Every small amount counts. So click the 'Donate' button below and make a difference.


General Funds

General funds will enable us to cover expenses for our ongoing programs, not related to a specific project. It will help us carry out critical works that are given below, which are of immense value and not usually funded through a specific project:

  • Creating and implementing eco-literacy and community engagement programs about sustainable living and waste management.

  • Facilitating a 360-degree approach with bulk generators  to ensure fail-proof in situ management

  • Creating content like tool kits, videos, infographics that help with SWM knowledge dissemination


Compost | Grow | Share

Kitchen waste can be converted to black gold - valuable compost. SwachaGraha  Kalika Kendra (SGKK) is India's first composting learning centre which showcases various methods of composting in one location. SWMRT's vision for SGKK is a 3-point program :

  1. Building community engagement

  2. A physical space for SWM education

  3. Showcasing composting methods and sustainable practices

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