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Eco Literacy and Community Engagement Program


​Creating eco literacy - information and understanding is the starting point of building awareness around the various issues surrounding sustainability and solid waste management. Our formal learnings often does not sensitise us enough to the social behaviour and the lives and conditions  of the municipal and informal workers  who work in these areas , encourage to  explore issues of public policy and public health, or to be curious about circular economy and understand the real nature of sustainable behaviours.   Since this impacts our daily lives in multiple ways , we as SWM practitioners have seen and understood the value of creating exposure and pathways for learning which we refer to here as ‘ eco literacy’ , which we believe is the trigger for the much needed change . 

Driving community engagement - For impact to be meaningful the requirement  is for uniform behaviours from a large segment of people. Community engagement is therefore necessary to encourage the participatory involvement of all stakeholders . 


About the Program

The program is designed for to 

  • have personal takeaways for the participants about incremental lifestyle changes which have a profound impact on quality of health and the surrounding environment. 

  • improve understanding and bring insights regarding interventions, where needed, in the organization processes of waste generation, reduction and its management.

It has been our experience that change happens only with sustained effort. Therefore, in order to see the full impact leading to a change, it is important to carry out an ongoing engagement which will allow for developing of interest and intention. Hence the program is designed as 4 modules across a period of 4-5 weeks. The content can be customized to suit learning requirements.

We have very experienced SWM Practitioners as Coaches who do not just share knowledge but motivate and inspire the participants to be the agents of change and make a difference. 

Program Structure

Session 1 : Primer

Overview of Solid Waste Management - Provides a macro perspective to all the triggers that require interventions, followed by an enquiry into what is happening.

Session 2 : How To 

Session 3 : Making Choices

Session 4 : Way Forward 

A hands-on workshop on segregation, composting and natural cleaners, to get started at home.

An eye opening session on best practices of the 5Rs REFUSE, REDUCE, REUSE, RENT, REPAIR with simple ideas to implement in our every day life.

Reflection and Identify opportunities where this learning can be applied at an individual, community, and organizational level.

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