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Education | Kalika Kendra

Kalika Kendra - SWM Learning Center

Objective : The Kalika Kendra has been set up

  • To show case and demonstrate through live installations the various home and community composting methods that can be  adopted in order to promote Home , Lane and Ward Composting in all the wards of the Urban Local Body.

  • To promote good practices of waste minimisation, segregation at source that can be adopted at the home and community level .




SwachaGraha Kalika Kendra is a first-of-its-kind project in India, located in HSR Park, Bangalore, housing more than 20 composting models
The BBMP (ULB) has  committed to support the setting up of 7 more Learning Centres in each of the remaining zones of Bangalore


Swachha Badi modelled along the lines of the SwachaGraha Kalika Kendra,HSR has been set up by the Telangana government in Siddipet.
The Government of Telangana has committed to setting up one such learning centre in each of its ULBs


The  Directorate of Municipal Administration (DMA) of Karnataka has issued a government order with a budgetary allocation for the setting up of a kalika kendra in 31 districts of Karnataka

Activities :
The Kalika Kendra showcases

  • Composting activity with live demos through DIY and readily available solutions suitable for home composting and community in situ composting. The experience of standing next to a live composting unit and seeing, smelling  and understanding the waste to compost process is an essential part of the activity.

  • Growing sections give information and on what and how to grow alongside community managed vegetable patches . This highlights the importance of growing safe food and demonstrates the cycle of food waste to compost to soil to growing food again, thereby incentivizing the composting activity.

  • Show and tell sections provide interactive information spaces like zero waste homes, educational and learning activities

  • Schools, colleges and corporates are encouraged to participate in live demonstrations, community growing activities, workshops and day long events planned for the purpose

  • Art installations out of recycled material demonstrates the use of upcycling and reuse concepts. 

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