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Volunteer with Us





The volunteer programme started as a weekend activity at SwachaGraha Kalika Kendra in June 2022. From just a few folks who wanted to be engaged with SWMRT, it has now grown into a vibrant community of over 100+ volunteers from across the city. 


Weekly posters containing the activities planned for the weekend are posted on the social media platforms inviting participation .  


The volunteers engage hands on in the various activities whether it is  composting activities like harvesting, sieving compost or setting up DIY composters or gardening activities like creating raised beds, making cow dung cakes or making liquid fertilizers like bio enzymes.

We are grateful to  the wonderful supporters on social media who follow and amplify our messages. Many are inspired by their learnings to make a positive impact on the environment, from plogging to composting. Then there are others who share their expertise with us on content writing, creating visuals for social media, excel sheet data management, research and connected activities


If you are eco-conscious, passionate about solid waste management and would like to volunteer with us to create infographics, do video editing, make posters, work in excel or create presentations. send an email to with your skillset.

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