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Facilitating for program success

We facilitate with neutrality, bring in rich experience and knowledge to implement creative solutions. We do the  planning,  catalyse action, act as a  bridge among stakeholders and infuse positivity.




Current Projects

Swachagraha Compost Connect

Taking biomass back to the soil

SWM in ULBs/Institutions

Facilitating Sustainable WM Practices

Swachagraha Compost Connect

SwachaGraha Compost Connect (SGCC)  - Taking The biomass back to soil is a first-of-its-kind experiment in India conceived and executed by Solid Waste Management Round Table (SWMRT), Bengaluru. The campaign works towards connecting urban compost producers from apartments and gated communities, with farmers in and around Bengaluru.  


The aim is to send the precious organic waste coming out of urban kitchens and gardens back to the soil in the form of nutritious compost, thereby closing the loop in the most beautiful way possible.  

To make this happen, only verified producers and buyers are invited to join a WhatsApp group ,where both parties interact and take things forward.

With extraordinary effort and persistence  a collaboration  of apartment bulk generators and farmer users has slowly taken shape overcoming multiple challenges of misgivings over quality of ‘city compost’ to make it viable for all the parties concerned . This is just a tentative beginning but the initiative has created pathways which need strengthening to create a robust marketplace.

With many  bulk generators comprising apartments, gated communities setting up in situ composting,  there has been a large availability of compost made out of well segregated wet waste . Despite compost being used in-house in  the  gardens the apartments were still left with an excess of good compost. Knowing fully well that the  compost is great for improving soil health , it was only logical that we facilitate a  connect with farmers who were the bulk users of compost.

Objectives :

  • To reduce the chasm between the urban and the rural spheres by playing a catalytic role in enriching the degraded soil in farmlands through humus-rich biomass.

  • To strive to highlight the significance of individual contribution at every household and community level and its cumulative effect somewhere far away.

  • To encourage farmers to shun chemical fertilisers and pesticides and take to organic farming.


SWM in ULBs / Institutions

SWMRT strives through its practice and knowledge of solid waste management to work with urban local bodies (ULBs)  / institutions. As a knowledge partner, the intent is to bring in improvements in the functioning of solid waste management activities like creating end to end segregated waste collection, recovery and disposal, and citizen participation.

​SWMRT plays a facilitator role by providing training, analysis, consulting and guidance

  • Training, including coaching, workshops, seminars, brainstorming

  • Brainstorming, planning and analysis including root cause analysis

  • Consulting, including  presentations, demonstrations, recommendations

  • Overall guidance for successful execution

Ongoing Projects :


2021 to date :

implementing wholistic Solid Waste Management in Ballari, Karnataka including the setting up of SwachaGraha Kailka Kendra with Ballari City Corporation

Army Campus

2021 to date  :

 Army campus- Golden Palms Swachh Abhiyaan (GPSA), a collaborative project with SWMRT as knowledge partner


2020 to date :

 implementing wholistic Solid Waste Management in Siddipet, Telengana including the setting up of Swachh Badi

(SWM Learning Center) with the Municipal Corporation of Siddipet


2021 to date :

implementing wholistic Solid Waste Management  in Hoskote, Karnataka , a CSR project of Volvo ,with SWMRT as knowledge partner


2016 to date :

 mentoring and guiding citizen volunteers across BBMP wards to implement good Solid Waste Management practices in their respective areas.

Swachh Belaku

2019 to date :

 Swachh Belaku – Creating a 7 star zone , a collaborative project with SWMRT as knowledge partner

Facilitating effective ward micro plan implementation

An important core activity of SWMRT has  been enabling and empowering localised SWM volunteers and to create a robust working relationship with the local officials 

  • To play an important role in tracking  and directly engaging with the waste collectors for problem solving

  • Frequent ward /divisional level meetings with all stakeholders for planning and strategy for improved services

  • To carry out promotional activities of segregation 

  • To set up lane level leaf bins /lane composters 

  • To review the ward level infrastructure like the DWCC , wet waste processing , leaf cutter shredder units for proper functioning and meeting their requirements 



  • Creation of a strong engaged SWM volunteer presence in at least 50% of the wards in Bangalore 

  • Streamlining of door to door collection resulting in dramatic improvements in segregation levels all of which feature within the top 10 ward ranking.  

Past Projects :

A large number of pilots have been facilitated  over the years, which became models and have been adopted  and scaled up by the urban local body . A detailed reference of these projects is presented under the section MODELS​

  • Waste Stream Management

  • Segregation At Source

  • Composting

  • Decentralised Management

  • Dry Waste Management

  • Bulk Generator Management

  • Ward Micro Plan

  • Festival Waste Management

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