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SWMRT is a collective of SWM practitioners working, since 2009, for adoption of sustainable waste management practices by citizens and municipalities, for improving public health, clean air and water, safe food, healthy soil and inclusive livelihoods.


Our Ideology

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Mandate segregation at source and door-to-door collection

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Promote measures for localized processing to minimize landfilling/ dumping

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Mandate destination based waste stream  collection and transportation

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Promote conversion of waste to compost/ biogas and not waste-to-burn technologies

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Promote inclusion of the informal sector in recycling

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Phase out non-recyclable products and packaging and move towards circular economy using the just transition principles

Our Focus



We recognize that behavioural change is critical for adoption of good solid waste management practices. Our campaigns are designed to bring out this social change.



It is our ambition to achieve the enactment of the circular economy and zero waste principles in public policy ,  in  line with the waste hierarchy principles , which is both sustainable and inclusive.



Here we create MODELS and TOOLS, which is at the core of the interventions we do. The SWM problems are first identified, deconstructed & then reconstructed again.



Research covers a broad spectrum of information, resources created and documentation. Some of them are own work, and some are collaborative works.



We design and conduct in-depth training programs that actively engage participants. The Training is conducted by experienced SWM Practitioners covering all aspects of SWM.

Our Work



All you ever wanted to know about how to manage your kitchen waste in a decentralised way—be it at home, community or ward level. Find solutions and resources to compost, grow, cook and take the rejects back to the soil to implement Mother Nature's recycling algorithm. Say NO to landfills. Say YES to safe food.

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2 Bin 1 Bag

You will find all the information you need on segregation, waste minimisation and eco-friendly alternatives here. It is the effort of many committed citizen volunteers who have been working together to find solutions to the overwhelming garbage problem and promote a sustainable lifestyle.


Swachagraha Compost Connect

Connecting the urban compost producers from apartments / residential layouts with farmers farming in and around Bangalore. The aim is to send the precious organic waste coming out of urban kitchens back to the soil to close the loop meaningfully: segregation to composting to organic farming/gardening.


SwachaGraha Kalika Kendra

The SwachaGraha Kalika Kendra has been set up as a SWM learning centre open to the general public , providing an opportunity  to learn and see the community and home composting units that are installed as live demonstration models. The centre also has information panels which  promote good practices of waste minimisation, segregation at source that can be adopted at the home and community level 



Eco literacy and community engagement programme (ELCEP) is a program that engages with  participants  to create  mindfulness around waste as individuals and communities . It is designed to create exposure and pathways to learning that will trigger the much-needed social and behavioural change. This is a formal and structured programme designed for corporates running into 10-15 hours over 3-4 sessions including hands-on engagement and field visits.



A school programme that aims to empower children as changemakers so that they are equipped to redefine the narrative surrounding waste as something that must be discarded. 

SWMRT Over The Years

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